HP is a well-known established brand name in Computers and Accessories. It has the maximum market share. Also, HP Printers are one of the best printers available in the market. They are known for their superior build quality and productivity. But no matter how good an electronic product is it may encounter some error or trouble at any time. Many issues can troubleshoot or fixed by using an HP print and scan doctor utility. For major trouble, you still need to talk to customer support and visit the authorized repair service centers.


What is the HP Printer and Scan Doctor?

HP Print and Scan Doctor is a diagnostic software tool that is available for Windows PC. It is quite helpful in diagnosing and resolving minor issues with printing or scanning jobs. This tool is compatible with almost every version of Windows whether it is a decade-old XP or the latest Windows 10.

It is not available for macOS. However, in case you have macOS, you can fix  HP printer issues with several easy steps. HP Print and Scan Doctors is a free software tool hence you don’t have to worry about any additional charges. All you need to download and install the software on your PC.


How to download and install HP Printer and Scan Doctor on Windows PC?

As we have discussed above, the software is compatible with a range of Windows Versions. You need to visit the Official HP Print and Scan Doctor page to download the software. Once downloaded and installed, take a look at the following steps and follow the procedure.

  1. Open your browser and type https://support.hp.com/us-en/help/printscandoctor to download the software. The download will start automatically.  The filename would be HPPSdr.exe
  2. Once downloaded, Double click on the downloaded file. Click on Run while it is prompted. Click Yes once it asks for installation permission.  Click Accept to continue the installation. The software will be installed in a couple of minutes.
  3. The HP Scan And Print Doctor will scan and resolve the issues with the installation of the HP printer.
  4. Click Start in the Software, Windows will search for the printers associated with the printer.
  5. Select the printer with the issue and Press “Next”. Depending on the problem encountered either select Fix Printing or Fix Scanning. It will take a few moments to display the result.
  • If a green circle with a checkmark appears that means your printer has passed the test and it has no such error.
  • If it displays a blue circle with a wrench means your printer has some error and it was fixed.
  • If a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark appears means the test has been failed and it has been skipped.
  • A red circle with a cross means the printer has some issues. And you have to follow further instructions to fix that situation.

If Still Printer Is Creating Problems You Can Use It

  1. If your printer is not being detected by the software, try turning off the printer and click on Retry Button. If there is a connectivity issue, follow the instructions to reconnect the printer. If there is a prompt to update the printer, proceed further by clicking on yes.
  2. If there is a list of printers connected to your system and a printer is being prompted to be selected as default, Click Yes to set that printer as default and follow the further steps. This will bring back your printer in an online state and you can use it further.


Most Common Features Of HP Print And Scan Doctor

The program checks for a lot of issues and replaces separate utilities that HP uses to diagnose problems with printers. Here is a list of items that are to be checked

Device Status – It ensures that there are no printer errors like ink shortage, feeding, paper is not being printed. The device is offline or online.

Driver Check –  Checks for the correct drivers have been installed. This also checks for missing or corrupted drivers. If needed install the latest compatible drivers from 123.hp.com/setup right away.

Device Manager – Checks for issues in Device Manager.

Connectivity – whether your printer is weird or wireless, it checks if the printer is connected via USB or Wirelessly

Port Matches – It checks for the appropriate ports and port settings and ensures there is no such issue as device compatibility. It usually happens because of using different printer brands or drivers.


How do HP Print and Scan Doctor Work for Printing Problems?

As soon as you launch the software, it will start searching for the available devices irrespective of their connection medium, whether it is connected by USB or via Wirelessly.

  1. Once your PC detects the printers, you have to select the printer and click on Next till you are prompted to the screen where you can detect and diagnose the issues with HP Printer.
  2. Depending on the method of connecting the Printer to the PC, the program will guide you to get the printer connected. There is a technical issue with this problem that it works only when it is connected to the system. Hence it is important to get the system connected. If your wireless printer is connected via WiFi, try connecting it through USB Cable.
  3. When your printer is detected, you have to select the desired action that has to be done with the printer. It starts finding and fixing printing problems.
  4. The utility goes through multiple tests like print spooler, driver check, device manager, device online, device queue, port match, and conflicts, etc.
  5. When the printer pauses all the tests, a green checkmark will appear. You will be given an option to print a test page that will make sure your printer is working well.

(The HP Print and Scan Doctor have a few menus, one of them is Network, which displays the detailed information about the network to which you have been connected. You can disable the Firewall by clicking Troubleshoot Firewall. Firewall can cause multiple communication errors.)


How does The App Work for Scanning Problems?

HP Print and Scan Doctor use the program to detect and fix any issue that arises in scanning documents or error messages.

It can check for multiple scanning issues such as:

  • Error occurred while communicating with HP imaging devices,
  • Computer not detected,
  • Scan to computer is no longer activated,
  • Scan unsuccessful,
  • Scanner not found or unreachable,
  • The scanner could not be initiated and many more.

If your printer detects any of the scanning errors, you have to open the HP Print and Scan Doctor, repeat the same procedure as said (while an issue is detected with printing), but this time click on Fix Scanning when prompted to do so. It will fix the scanning errors detected in the printer.



HP Print and Scan Doctor is a great tool to diagnose and fix printing and scanning-related issues with HP Printers. It is of great importance because it is freely available and helps in fixing the errors with printers in no time. You can download the tool on your computers from 123.hp.com/setup easily. In case you can’t fix your problem using the printer tool, feel free to contact our HP printer support experts for assistance.


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