Fix the Boot Device Not Found in HP Laptop and Desktop

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Boot Device Not Found in HP

HP laptops are some of the best-selling devices on the market. However, they do not always work seamlessly. One of the common problems reported by users is that of the boot device not found in HP laptops. They get a message that asks them to install an operating system on the hard disk. Many users feel completely clueless about dealing with this error on their laptops.

The issue happens when you are booting your HP laptops. It shows up with various error messages, all indicating the inability of the machine to find the boot device. If you’re in the dark about fixing this problem, this post will explain five effective solutions.


Boot Device Not Found in HP Laptop – Key Things to Note

  • The error essentially means that your OS cannot find a bootable hard disk or the hard drive’s boot sector.
  • Ensure that your hard drive is the essential boot device in the BIOS.
  • Check whether the cables linking the hard drive to the motherboard are secure.
  • Hard reset your HP device
  • Updating the BIOS also helps fix the error.
  • Perform a system recovery


What Does Boot Device Not Found in HP Laptop Mean and Its Causes

This error indicates an issue at the level of the hard disk. Your hard disk is not supporting the system boot process. This hard drive can be an internal one, a network adaptor, an optical DVD ROM drive, or an external USB drive.

Some common causes include:

  • A wrong boot order in your BIOS.
  • Outdated BIOS
  • Expired bootable disk
  • Corrupt system files
  • Issues with hard disk connection
  • Damaged Master Bot record or boot sector.
  • Interference from malware or viruses.

Fixes for Boot Device Not Found in HP Desktop and Laptop

Use these resolutions whenever you face this error message on your laptop’s screen.

1. Hard reset the HP device

A hard reset restores the link between hardware and BIOS. This resolves the 350 error.

  • Turn off your laptop or desktop.
  • Unplug the AC adaptor from it.
  • Press ‘Power’ for 15 seconds.
  • Press the ‘Power’ button again.
  • When the ‘Startup menu’ shows, choose ‘Start Windows normally.’

2. Get back the default BIOS settings.

Follow these points to restore the BIOS default configuration and fix the boot device not found in HP laptop.

  • Switch off your HP desktop or laptop.
  • Now, hit the ‘Power’ button.
  • Keep pressing ‘F10’ repeatedly to go into the BIOS setup menu.
  • On the setup screen, press ‘F9.’
  • The BIOS ‘Setup Default’ setting will load.
  • Hit ‘F10.’
  • Using the arrow keys, choose ‘Yes.’
  • You will be asked if you want to exit saving changes.
  • Press Enter.
  • Use the guidelines to restart your desktop.

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3. Update the BIOS

You can update your BIOS by going to the Software and Driver Downloads page of HP.

  • Go to the product page for your specific desktop.
  • From the list, choose ‘BIOS.’
  • Find out whether there are updates available for your BIOS.
  • After downloading the update, go to the saved update file and double-tap on its name.
  • Let your system install the update.
  • In the User Account Control screen, tap ‘Yes.’
  • Tap ‘Next’ in the window of the InstallShield Wizard.
  • Choose to accept the terms in the end-user agreement and tap ‘Next.’
  • Click ‘Next’ on the window of ‘Location to Save Files’.
  • In the screen of HP BIOS Update and Recovery, choose ‘Update’ followed by ‘Next.’
  • To install the BIOS update, tap the ‘Restart now’ button.
  • Now tap ‘Apply update now’ on the BIOS Update screen.
  • The update will begin installing automatically. You will see the progress on the screen.
  • Let your system restart automatically.
  • Now sign into your system and enable your antivirus program.

4. Run a hard drive test. 

If you still find the boot device not found in HP laptop error, open the Symptom Tests menu. Now carry out the hard drive symptom test.

  • Power off your HP laptop.
  • Now turn it on and quickly press Esc continuously.
  • When you see the menu, hit the F2 key.
  • Tap ‘Symptom Test’ on the main menu.
  • Choose ‘Hard disk/SSD Drive Issue’ and hit Enter.
  • If you want to test only one drive, choose that specific drive for testing.
  • But choose the ‘Test all hard drives’ option if you wish to test all of them.
  • If your drive does not encounter problems in the Quick Test but still shows an issue, perform an Extensive Test.
  • But if the hard drive does not pass any test of the Extensive Test, tap ‘Troubleshoot.’
  • Use the directions on the screen to fix the issue and tap ‘Yes.’

5. Restore the damaged boot sector.

This error with the hard drive can also be resolved by rebuilding the damaged MBR. Follow these pointers to rebuild it.

  • Start booting and press ‘F8.’
  • Let the system get into Windows Recovery.
  • If it goes there, navigate to ‘Advanced.’
  • After that, go to ‘Command Prompt.’
  • If this cannot happen, you will require a bootable ISO.
  • Otherwise, input these commands in the command prompt window:
  1. bootrec /RebuildBcd
  2. bootrec /fixMBR
  3. bootrec /fixboot
  • Now you can reboot and see if this error persists.
  • If not, navigate to the command prompt window.
  • Input bootsect /nt60 SYS.
  • Alternatively, use the command bootsect /nt60 ALL.
  • This command will help resolve this hard drive error.

6. Rebuild or reset your hard drive.

Sometimes, you may need to relink your hard drive to fix the boot device not found HP error. Reconnect it as follows:

  • Switch off your HP laptop or desktop.
  • Now, take out the power cable.
  • Also, remove the battery.
  • Disconnect the hard drive.
  • After that, connect the hard drive again.
  • Now, reassemble your laptop or desktop.
  • Switch it on and see if the 350 error is still there.

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7. Perform a system recovery.

You can use the assistance of the HP Recovery Manager program if you still find the boot device not found in HP laptop 3F0 error. This method is for those whose hard disk drive’s recovery partition is working properly.

  • Power off your system.
  • Delink all the devices connected to it.
  • Let the power cord and mouse remain as they are.
  • Turn on your system.
  • Now continuously press F11. The ‘Choose an option’ screen arises. Tap ‘Troubleshoot.’
  • Now, choose ‘Recovery Manager.’
  • It’ll prompt you to back up your files.
  • Choose the ‘Backup your files first (recommended)’ option.
  • Now adhere to the pointers on your screen.
  • Tap ‘Next’ to begin recovery preparation.
  • When it finishes, tap ‘Continue’ to go to the recovery process’s installation.
  • You will see your system restarting many times.
  • When this process ends, tap ‘Finish’ to start your system again.
  • Finish the setup screens and let your system perform the setup.
  • When this process ends, turn off your system.
  • Re-link all the devices and switch on your system.


Summing up

The boot device not found in HP laptop or desktop issue mainly occurs when the hard drive isn’t compatible with the system boot process. These solutions will help you get past this issue effectively. Seek the advice of a printer expert if the error persists.