A Comprehensive Guide to Download HP Printer Software

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download hp printer software

HP printers are always high in demand among its users worldwide. It’s because they offer high-quality and fast printing. HP offers a range of printer models for its customers. There are truly lots of options to choose from and every printer comes with a compatible driver. Driver installation is of utmost importance for those who want a smooth functioning printer. The drivers of HP printers increase productivity and give users high-quality output. Given the immense significance of the driver, it is necessary that you download hp printer software and install it correctly. This article will help you in doing it properly.


How to Download HP Printer Software?

You are first required to set your system to automatically download the driver software. Go through the these steps to know how to download the software.

  • Search for ‘Change device installation settings’ and click open it.
  • Choose ‘Yes’ on seeing the window of ‘Device Installation Settings.’ Tap ‘Save Changes.’
  • Now you have to set up the HP printer.


Methods to Install HP Printer Driver

Now that you know how to download hp printer software, the next step is to install it. There are two methods you can use for this purpose. The first method is to use the ‘Add a Printer’ Wizard in Windows for the installation of the built-in driver. The second method is to get drivers from the official HP website.



1.Use ‘Add a Printer’ Wizard in Windows for Built-in Print Driver Installation

Here you will find the methods for wired or wireless network connection for Windows 10 and 8. Go through these instructions.

  • Navigate to the ‘Control Panel.’
  • Tap on ‘Devices and Printers.’ Then choose ‘Add a Printer.’
  • For the option of ‘Choose a device or printer to add to this PC’, choose your printer.
  • Tap ‘Next’ and adhere to the driver installation instructions.
  • If you see that your printer is not in the given list, tap ‘The printer I want isn’t listed.’ Then tap ‘Add a local printer or network printer.
  • Hit ‘Next’ and choose the port that is used by your printer. Now tap ‘Next.’
  • Tap ‘Windows Update’ and wait for the update process to get over.
  • In the Manufacturer pane, tap ‘HP.’ Select your printer’s name. If you notice that your printer isn’t listed, tap the back arrow.
  • Choose ‘Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname.’
  • Tap’ Next.’
  • Select ‘Autodetect.’
  • Type in the IP address of your printing device and tap ‘Next.’
  • Wait till your system links to the printer. Tap ‘Next’ for driver installation.


Wireless or wired network connection for Windows 7 or Vista

If you are a Windows 7 or Vista user, after you complete your hp printer software download, follow these steps for installation. They are mentioned below.

  • Navigate to ‘Control Panel.’
  • Tap on ‘Devices and Printers.’ Then choose ‘Add a Printer.’
  • Now tap ‘Add a network.’
  • Now, choose your printer and hit ‘Next.’ Adhere to the guidelines on the screen for driver installation.
  • If you notice that your printer isn’t listed, navigate to the previous window.
  • Tap ‘Add a local printer’, and choose ‘Use an existing port.’ Hit’ Next.’
  • Tap ‘Windows Update’ and wait for the drivers to get updated.
  • In the Manufacturer’s pane, tap ‘HP’ and select your printer’s name.
  • If you find your printer listed, choose it and hit ‘Next.’ Adhere to the instructions for driver installation.
  • If it is not, then navigate to the window of ‘What type of printer do you want to install.’
  • Tap ‘Add a network.’
  • Tap ‘The printer that I want isn’t listed.’
  • Select ‘Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname.’ Hit’ Next.’
  • Tap’ Autodetect.’
  • Write the IP address of your printer, then tap ‘Next.’
  • Wait for some time till your system links to the printer. Click ‘Next’ for driver installation.


2.Get Drivers from the Official HP Website

You can also download hp printer driver from the official HP support page. After downloading it, you can update them as well. Follow this process.

  • Visit the official HP Customer Support page.
  • Under ‘Let’s identify your product to get started’ choose ‘Printer.’
  • On the next page, go to the heading ‘Identify your printer.’
  • Input your printer’s name.
  • You can also choose your printer from the displayed list. Then you will find the available drivers to download.
  • Click ‘Download.’ You will find the process of HP printer driver download


Steps for installing the HP driver

 After downloading the driver, you need to install it. Adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Visit the place where the driver file is download and double-click it.
  • Tap ‘OK’ on being asked for approval and then tap ‘Next.’
  • Select out of the ‘recommended installation or a custom installation.’ The recommended version will install the elements automatically. The custom installation permits you to choose the options.
  • Click ‘Install’ and tap ‘Finish.’


How to Update HP Printer Driver

You can easily update the drivers of your HP printer. The printers can work well with most operating systems. For updating your drivers, use the ‘Device Manager.’ Follow these instructions.

  • You can start the ‘Device Manager’ by opening the ‘Run’ dialogue box and pressing and holding the key of Windows. After that press the ‘Run’ or ‘R’ key.
  • Thereafter, input’ devmgmt.msc’ in the dialogue box.
  • Expand ‘Print Queues’ category by clicking the arrow pointing right.
  • Right-click on the listed HP printer.
  • Tap’ Update Driver.’
  • Tap’ Search automatically.’
  • If your driver is already updated, you will find the message, ‘The best driver software for your device is already installed.’
  • After you have installed the driver, start your system again.


Final Words

Now you can easily download hp printer software. You can use the ‘Add a printer’ wizard in Windows 10 and 8 for built-in printer driver installation. Windows 7 or Vista users can make use of wired network connections. You can also download the drivers from the official HP Customer Support page and update it using Device Manager. Feel free to get the assistance of customer support if you face any challenging issues.