Troubleshoot ‘No Airprint Printers Found Hp’ Error

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no AirPrint printers found hp

Airprint is an Apple device feature that allows you to print jobs wirelessly from iOS devices. It is a built-in feature. However, an issue ‘no AirPrint printers found hp’ may occur anytime. It is a common error and thus can be resolved quickly.

However, the straightforward way to resolve an error is to find its root cause. In hp air printers, it may vary from the network connection to an issue with settings. Therefore, first, you will learn the causes and apply some essential hacks. If not, work, follow other solutions.

How to do that? Learn here!

What is the ‘No Airprint Printers Found Hp’ Error?

The error in hp AirPrint printers occurs when you select to print a printer you have used before. It can be iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Mac.

Further, if your printer and device are on different networks, you will see the error.

Nonetheless, there are several other reasons, and to fix them, follow these instructions:

Troubleshooting steps to fix the error of hp no AirPrint printers found:

  • Make sure you have a strong and working internet network. Further, confirm that both the devices (printer and the iOS device) are connected to the same network.
  • Next, ensure you have enabled/switched on the printer’s wireless connection.
  • Confirm all devices are on the same network.
  • Make sure your iOS device is not set to airplane mode.
  • Ensure both the device printer and iOS are updated to the latest version.
  • Turn off both the devices for a while, say 10-15 seconds, and then turn them on. It may fix the error.

Do you still get the error? Don’t worry! We have many ways to fix it. Try the following solution one-by-one as mentioned below:

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Solution 1: Verify Printer Airprint Feature

If you have not used AirPrint on your printer previously, the error in the hp no AirPrint printers found will appear.

Hence, ensure that your printer supports the AirPrint feature for new printers. Next, see if both devices, the printer, and the iOS gadget, are connected to the same network.


Solution 2: Check Bluetooth Connection

Since you are using a wireless connection, ensure your wifi and Bluetooth connection are enabled on your Apple device.


Solution 3: Reset The Network Connection

You need a wireless network connection to print anything using an iOS device. However, the iOS device is often unable to find the printer network. Hence, it causes the error in the hp no AirPrint printers found.

Here is how you can troubleshoot and set the printer connection:

  • First, check that you have enabled wifi connection on your Apple device.
  • Then, restart the printer.
  • After that, verify the network connection following the instructions below:
  • On your printer, from the touchscreen control panel, tap on the wireless icon to open the Network settings or Setup menu. And review the network connection status.
  • If you don’t have a touchscreen control panel on your printer, press the Wireless and information simultaneously.
  • It will print you a wireless test report with the network connection status.
  • After you have identified the network connection, follow the steps below:
  • Start printing once the network is connected to the printer and iOS device.
  • If you get the error ‘no AirPrint printers found hp,’ check if AirPrint is not disabled. Otherwise, enable it following the next solution.

If your printer is not connected to the network, follow these steps below:

Touchscreen control panel:

  • On the printer, open the Setup/Network/Wireless menu.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to complete the network connection setup.

A printer without a touchscreen control panel:

  • Press & hold the wireless and cancel button simultaneously.
  • Wait for the power light to blink and the wireless light to flash.


Solution 4: Enable Airprint On Hp Printer

To enable AirPrint on an HP printer, visit Embedded Web Server (EWS) website. It is a website used for printer configuration.

Hence, go to the web browser and open it in order to see whether AirPrint is enabled.

  • Open the printer.
  • Go to the Wireless menu or read the Wireless Test Report to find your IP Address.
  • Launch Safari browser on your iOS device.
  • Now, enter the IP Address in the search bar, and tap Go to open EWS.
  • Tap on the network and then select AirPrint.
  • Now, tap on status. A message Redirecting to the Secure page will appear; click Ok.
  • Then, a window saying “this connection is not private” will appear; tap on Show Details.
  • Next, hit “visit this website” and see the AirPrint status settings.
  • If the AirPrint status is Off, tap on the Turn On AirPrint option. Now, try printing a job.

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Solution 5: Try This Alternative Method

Are you still getting the error in the hp AirPrint printers? Maybe because the printer fails to connect over the local wireless network. Try this alternative solution.

  • Tap on the wifi Direct/Hp wireless direct icon on the printer. Make sure the feature is ON.
  • On your iOS device, tap on Settings and press the wifi button.
  • From the Network section, select your printer.
  • Enter the password, and once connected, print a paper.
  • After that, reconnect to your local network.


Bonus tip:

Have you tried restarting your router? Then, try once; it may help fix the error.

  • First, turn off the router by pressing the power key for a while.
  • Then wait for a few seconds after the router stops blinking.
  • Then, press the power key again to turn on the router.
  • Wait for a while, and connect it to your printer and iOS device.
  • Besides that, make sure there is no obstacle between the router and the devices. Keep it aside and move the router closer to your printer.


Summing up:

We hope that our guide will fix the error ‘no AirPrint printers found hp.’ The steps are easy to follow. But, connect with the printer manufacturers or a printer technician if you get the error after trying all the solutions and hacks mentioned in the guide.