Resolve the HP Printer Offline Mac Problem Efficiently

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HP printer offline Mac

HP printers are high-quality devices that people use worldwide. They take care of all the printing requirements and are also user-friendly and budget-friendly. But many times, you can find technical glitches in these printers. HP printer offline Mac is a prevalent problem. As an offline printer can put an end to your work activities, you must take steps to resolve the problem. When your HP printer goes offline, you cannot print any document. But there are various solutions that you can use and bring your printer back online. In this article, you’ll find the causes and resolutions for this issue.

Reasons for HP Printer Offline Mac Problem

Your printer can go offline due to many factors. If you are wondering why is my HP printer offline Mac, here are the probable reasons for it like network connection , HP Printer Ink Cartridge Error etc.

  • Network connection issues
  • Cartridge problems
  • Paper jams
  • The printer is in sleep mode

Way to Resolve the HP Printer Offline Mac Issue

After knowing the reasons, you can take steps to troubleshoot your offline HP printer. Here are some techniques that are proven to fix this issue.


Check that your HP printer is ready.

Often, people complain about why is my HP printer offline Mac without knowing that their printer is not ready to get a print job. Follow these points to resolve this situation.

  • Inspect your printer. It must not be off or in sleep mode. Turn it on. Hit the ‘Power’ button to do so.
  • Check that you have placed the paper properly in the input tray.
  • You should also see that the ink toner cartridges are correctly installed and are compatible. There must not be any blinking lights on the control panel of your printer.
  • After that, restart your printing device and wait till the paper s ready to print.
  • Lastly, send a print job.

Inspect the printer connection

Often, HP printers stop working due to a connection problem. So, the first thing you can do is check your internet connection.


USB connection

  • Switch off your printer and wait for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Plug out the USB cable linked to your printer.
  • Switch on the printer once more with a strong connection.
  • Now perform a test print.


Network connection

  • Start your printer again. See if the problem is still there. Then, restart your system.
  • Wait for some time and check your network connection again.
  • Tap the Apple icon from your Mac and go to ‘System Preferences.’
  • Launch the printer list.
  • Tap on one of these options: ‘Print and Fax,’ ‘Printers and Scanners,’ or ‘Print and Scan.’
  • Tap on your HP printer and then click ‘Open Printer Queue.’


Reset HP printer

If you find that your HP printer keeps going offline Mac, you must reset the printer. Here’s how to do it.

  • In the Apple menu, tap on ‘System Preferences.’
  • Then, tap on ‘Print & Scan.’
  • Now, in the printer list, press the control key. Right-tap and click ‘Reset printing system.’
  • Tap ‘Reset’ to confirm.
  • Input the administrator name and the password. After that, hit ‘OK’ to finish the reset.
  • Tap the ‘plus’ sign and adhere to the steps to choose and re-add the printer.


Use HP Smart Diagnose & Fix

HP Smart diagnose & fix is functionality that eliminates connection problems. You can find it on Mac devices with macOS 10.13 or versions later than that. When you find the printer saying offline, connection issues are the most prominent reasons. Running HP smart diagnose & fix can eliminate this problem. Follow these steps to use it.

  • Download HP Smart Diagnose & Fix from the App Store.
  • Now, run it.
  • Choose ‘Printers’ followed by selecting ‘Diagnose & Fix.’
  • Hit ‘Start.’
  • The analysis will take a few moments to complete. At this time, you should not make any interruptions.
  • When you see the screen of diagnosis, check the results.
  • You can either use ‘Test Print’ or hit ‘Done.’


Remove the printer and then re-add it on Mac.

It is another fix that you can utilize whenever you find your printer offline on Mac. Remove your printing device and add it again. The steps to do so are given below.

  • First, hit the icon of ‘Apple.’
  • Select ‘System Preferences.
  • Next, choose ‘Printers & Scanners.’
  • Now, tap ‘Print and Scan.’
  • You need to highlight the printer which you want to remove.
  • After that, hit the minus symbol.
  • Now, choose the option of ‘Delete printer.’
  • Next, click the symbol of plus.
  • You’ll notice your device in the list selected.
  • Then choose ‘Print Using.’ You can also choose ‘Use.’
  • Tap ‘AirPrint’ through the drop-down option.
  • Lastly, press ‘Add.’


Link the printer to your network.

You can link the HP printing device to your network via the HP wireless setup wizard. You can use this wizard and create a connection between your network and the printer. Follow these points carefully.

  • Go to the printer control panel’s home screen and select the wireless icon.
  • Now, tap the setup icon.
  • Next, click ‘Restore Network Defaults.’
  • After that, tap ‘Yes’ for confirming your selection.
  • When the default network settings get restored, tap ‘Wireless Settings.’
  • Now, tap ‘Wireless Setup Wizard.’ The printer will search for available networks.
  • Now, check your wireless network’s name. But if your network does not get displayed in the wireless networks list, input your new network name.
  • Input the network security password and tap ‘Done.’
  • When your printer is connected, the blue line will stop blinking. It will remain tuned on.

Final Words

Follow the various resolutions mentioned here when you find your HP printer offline Mac issue. These methods are quite effective in troubleshooting the offline status of your HP printer. But don’t worry if the techniques mentioned here don’t make your device come online. You can contact expert H customer support services. The technical support experts are there to help you with any kind of problem you are facing on your device.