Your guide to HP Envy 5055 Setup!

The HP Envy 5055 is an excellent model and you will agree to it if you have ever used it. However, if you have just purchased it then the HP Envy 5055 Setup could be quite a task. There is nothing to worry about as 5055 is here to guide you.

Instructions for the HP Envy 5055 wireless setup

Just like the majority of the HP printers, the HP Envy 5055 can be set up in a wireless way. The wireless setup lets you print from anywhere that too anytime.

Moreover, you can deliver a print job using your mobile or your tablet as well.

Firstly, before you start the setup of wireless connection you have to complete certain formalities.

Check for the printer components like cartridges, power cord, user manuals, setup flyers, etc. Remove the shielding tapes and cardboards from the printer’s cartridge slots, paper tray, and paper guides too.

You can follow the instructions mentioned below for the HP Envy 5055 wireless setup:

HP Envy 5055 wireless setup
  • Remove the power cable and plug one end at the back of the HP Envy 5055 and the other to the plug point
  • Turn on your HP Envy 5055 and choose your language and country/region in the control panel
  • You will come across a notification that will ask you to install the cartridges in the cartridge section
  • Install the black and tri-color cartridges after you eliminate the tape and close the booth
  • The control panel notification will ask you to complete a sample print job and scan
  • Load some sheets in the tray and adjust the paper guides as per the instructions and click on ‘Ok’
  • The alignment page will start to print place the same in the scan bed and hit the SCAN button to test ‘scan the alignment page
  • Now, in the control panel, under “More Info” click on Info and then on the option of advanced setup
  • Afterwards, you will come across a pop-up, choose the option to install it routinely
  • Click on the general pop-ups that asks for your validations on convenience and favorites
  • Now a pop-up will appear that says ‘Install the App’. Click on the ‘OK’ button
  • The above step will navigate you to the main screen in the control panel
  • Click on setup, scroll down and click on the option of ‘network setup’
  • Ensure that the wireless option is on and now click on the ‘Wireless setup wizard’
  • The search for Wi-Fi routers will start and you should select your network from the screen
  • Click on the OK button after that and enter your network password
  • Wait for the connection to be recognized
  • A success notification will be displayed; setup of the wireless connection in the printer is successful when you see it

HP Printer driver for MAC

  • From the browser, go to the official website on your Mac device
  • Once you land on the site, you can see a download button on the display
  • To download the conforming printer drivers or software on your device, you have to click on ‘Download’
  • This will start the download process; ensure you download the full included software to also comprise the scanning software for your device.
  • The download will take just a few minutes that depend on your internet speed
  • You will see the downloading of the file at the bottom of your browser.
  • If you are incapable of seeing the downloaded file, you can also go to the ‘downloads’ section to see the printer driver file
  • The printer driver installation and setup will be finished by the ‘HP Easy Start’ application.
  • Make it a point to check that you are using the latest version of the application in order to finish the process in a single attempt.
  • Launch the driver file and run it with the easy start app
  • Once you are done with it, you can just follow the instructions on your screen to complete the driver installation procedure
  • You have to follow the commands one at a time and ensure that you don’t break the flow
  • Your Mac device will ask you to confirm your HP printer
  • From the screen on the application
  • You can click on the “Add Device” option and select to print a test page.
  • Once the test page prints, you can confirm that the suitable printer driver has been installed

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